“Best Festival Yet!” Shockwave 2014

400+ young people from Barcaldine, Tambo, Charleville, Winton, Longreach and Blackall came together to push their own boundaries, learn new creative skills and perform in front of their peers for this year’s festival.

“Express to Impress!” was the theme for this year’s festival which follows the mission and focus of Shockwave, to encourage young people to embrace and benefit personally from the arts.

New activities at Shockwave this year were these creative workshops made for and by young people

– Kaitlyn Burton’s ‘Canvas Challenge’

– Kate Donnely’s ‘Make a phone case’ activity

– Phoebe Mitchell Longreach – Hand painted shoe demonstration and stall

10 local employees from the Central West helped to deliver Shockwave Festival this year along with help from many volunteers, local businesses & organizations. Many thanks to all involved!!

76 workshops have been delivered in the Central West region this year for Shockwave.

Each time a young person attends a Shockwave workshop they learn skills in small business development, event management, leadership, communication, arts practice, facilitation as well as increase their confidence and self esteem.

“I learnt that it takes a lot of preparation to run a stall, but every minute and every second of all the hard work is worth something. And it makes you feel happy when you finish it and you see so many smiles on people’s faces. I loved it a lot because it has both my skills in it and I could express myself, which was the theme for this year.” Caitlyn – 15yrs, Canvas challenge stall.

“I’ve learnt that you can meet new people, learn new skills, anything you want, you can learnt it. Helping Donny teach people skateboarding has got me more confident with talking to other people and teaching them something that I know. Hopefully I can keep going with it and teach more people and learnt new stuff myself and just keep getting better.” Ash – 15yrs, worked with Donny the Skateboarding facilitator.

“What I did at Shockwave today was public speaking. You have to remember to give a loud voice, to smile and look at the crowd. There’s also a health table where you get to make your own food for free. I did a beatboxing workshop and then went in the beatboxing battle. There was this man in the performances and he did full acrobatics – backflips, frontflips and yeah. Shockwave is really amazing and if you’re watching please come on down”. Keeley – 11 yrs old, Ambassador program.


“Best Festival Yet!” Shockwave 2014

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