Shockwave is a youth arts program and festival that develops young people’s skills in creative industries, enterprise development, and event production, opening up career pathways in Central West Queensland.

The program has now transitioned from management by Human Ventures to local management with 3 main councils from the region: Blackall-Tambo Regional Council, Longreach Regional Council, Winton Shire Council. Shockwave workshops began in 2007 after 3 years of relationship building and program development by Human Ventures in the region.

It was planned from the outset that the program and festival would one day return to management within the local community. After many successful festivals and the training young people and small businesses, a 3 year transition phase began in 2013 to start the hand over to a regional organisation in Central West Queensland by the end of 2015.




Human have worked extensively in the region with the transition partners: Blackall-Tambo Regional Council, Longreach Regional Council and Winton Shire Council to ensure that the program continues to play an important role for young people’s development in the arts and arts management. A transition ‘Model’ has been written to share our collective learnings so that other organisations and individuals can benefit from our experiences during the transition process. More info here: ***

The initiative involves supporting young people to explore creative learning, career and industry development opportunities in areas such as design, performance, film, photography, dance, visual art, music, event production and coordination, and festival management. For more information, download the Shockwave Strategic Plan ***and Evaluation Report. ***

Updates on the program can be found on the new Shockwave Website, which is run by Blackall Tambo Regional Council. www.shockwaveprogram.org.au






Great Stories

Generation Next HYPERCOLOUR 2014!

Generation Next HYPERCOLOUR 2014!

On Friday November 21 Shockwave opened another big youth arts exhibition: Generation Next HYPERCOLOUR 2014! The exhibition showcases artworks from young people who took part in Shockwave workshops and activities throughout the Central West Region from December 2013 – November 2014. Mayor of Winton, ‘Butch’ Lenton opened the exhibition by acknowledging all of the people who helped to put this…

“Best Festival Yet!” Shockwave 2014

“Best Festival Yet!” Shockwave 2014

400+ young people from Barcaldine, Tambo, Charleville, Winton, Longreach and Blackall came together to push their own boundaries, learn new creative skills and perform in front of their peers for this year’s festival. “Express to Impress!” was the theme for this year’s festival which follows the mission and focus of Shockwave, to encourage young people to embrace and benefit personally…

Blackall Heartland Festival

Blackall Heartland Festival

On Sunday 25th May 2014 the Shockwave team were in Blackall participating in the annual Heartland Festival. A feature of the Heartland Festival is the Blue Light Billy cart races in which individuals make and design their billy cart and compete against others in their age group. For the first time Shockwave entered a billy cart, the ‘Shockmobile’. Great fun was had by everyone but unfortunatel…

Shockwave Blackall: Hyper Colour

Shockwave Blackall: Hyper Colour

Since 2011, the young people of Winton and the surrounding area have participated regularly in the Shockwave Program program. This includes kids from all towns in the West (and further beyond) coming together once a year to showcase their creativity and leadership at the youth run Shockwave Festival, held in Blackall. The overall aim of the program is to support rural youth to develop confidence…

Creative Pathways is Getting Shockwaved

Creative Pathways is Getting Shockwaved

There are some exciting changes currently happening in the Creative Pathways camp in 2014. Thanks to lots of positive feedback from our regional partners and participants, Creative Pathways is being rebranded to Shockwave Program! Over the years the Shockwave Festival has become the dominant component of the program, with many workshops delivered to generate creative content for the big event.…

Poets from Shockwave Program

Poets from Shockwave Program

By Brooke Newall In September 2013 at the State Library of Queensland were the state finals of the 2013 Australian Slam Poetry Competition. It’s was a pretty special night for the Shockwave crew and I because one of our most loved young participants came to Brisbane from Blackall to compete with the best. Ian Frost – aka ‘Frosty’ a-aka ‘the Frostinator’ has be…

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From capacity building and intensive workshops to hip hop performances, we focus on nurturing the development of marginalised individuals and communities.

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